Well. In the week I have gotten two random messages…..here is one:

I did a random search for people in Chicago and I found you. I couldn’t help but notice that you call yourself “an unattractive package” but I must dissagree with you. Your picture is beautiful.


Aww. The other message was very similar except sent to me on ICQ. That was a bright spot in a day that was otherwise hellish all around yesterday. I was the only around that knew how to do anything and I had *lots* to do. I did manage to recruit five little monkeys to be my slave. Okay, work studies aren’t slaves, and technically I only get one or two. Gee, how do I pick? They all seem so bright and eager to please. 8) They don’t start until next week though.

Speaking of eager, the new temp started today. He is tall with glasses, short hair, a white shirt not tucked into black pants and was an English major (emphasis on drama and theater). I am having him proofread my publication right now. I love it when temps start. How did they come to this point? What do they think of this place? Where do they live? How do they get here? What do they want to really do? But in reality, it comes down to understanding, but for the grace of god…that could be me.

Last night I watched Frasier and laughed the hardest I have laughed all month on the last two minute joke. I would try and tell you what it was about here but I wouldn’t do it justice, and you really had to kind of see it. It was based on miscommunication, but really, is that the funniest kind? Buffy was okay, but I am having difficulty believing that she really cares about Spikes newfound soul. Hell. I am having problems with the show as a whole, but still watch it. I am excited for Angel on Sunday, I hope that won’t disappointment me.

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