Okay. So I called and got an appointment for Morella’s follow up Barium swallow study. Apparently it’s a popular time to get follow ups (it’s what she said) and so her appointment is December 3rd. She’ll be over a year at that point. She said it was six weeks out. That sounds like nothing compared to saying Morella will be a year old.


Anyway. She gave me a regime for Morella to follow because she isn’t eating much. I know it’s probably what most of you already do…but my feeling is that it happened naturally for everyone else. Maybe it didn’t, but you know that’s how I feel. I never read about other folks struggles to get their kids to eat. Please, share with me this struggles.

From now on I have to offer Morella food for 20 minutes and follow up with a bottle.

Breakfast – Food, for 20 min. Followed by bottle.
Snack 1 – Snack with sippy cup.
Lunch – Food for 20 min. Followed by bottle.
Snack 2 – Snack with sippy cup
Dinner – Food, for 20 min. Followed by bottle.

What do I do for bedtime? Sippy or bottle? Crap.

I just go so anxious about this because Morella is already 5-7% on the weight percentile. On the other hand, she won’t gain much if she only drinks milk, I will never get to stop to pumping, and she will continue to not eat. This just goes beyond what the books say — which was to offer her food (about an hour?) after she has a bottle…right? Didn’t I read that?

For the record I do offer her food before a bottle for lunch — but then the doctor said she it’s a learned thing and it’s going to take more than that because some babies need a little extra help in this.

Why can’t Morella NOT have feeding issues? I kind of wish I could send her off to Feeding Camp and have someone else get this routine started. I feel like a lot of frustration and crying is going to happen on both our ends.

Three bottles? THREE? Is that enough? She said she was getting too much milk and too often and therefore wasn’t hungry. How thick does the sippy cup liquid have to be? Are we talking sippy cup milk or juice? What do people do?


What if she doesn’t eat?! What if I end up starving her to death? She gets dehydrated? What if… gah!

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