Friday Photos: 3rd Week of October
(These are being posted late because my post on Friday was interrupted by a two foot bossy baby).

Morella and her Daddy at Shrimp Swim class.

Morella is the only one who wears a swim shirt over her suit which we think makes her warmer and more chic than the other babies. This was the smallest class yet. It amazes me how people pay for these classes and then by the end the attendance is always less than half. I guess, its their money that they are wasting — not mine.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her expression in this photo. It so clearly captures her thoughts and feelings on swimming in general. It’s also a classic example of “little face big head.” Gah, where did she get those cheeks from?!

Thursday we met up with Ann and Noah on one of the most beautiful fall days yet to go to the zoo. We went in the afternoon, and aside from a little lion on lioness action (the lioness btw apparently had a headache) it was pretty slow. Most of the animals seemed to be taking a nap. I think we spent a good portion of time by the baby giraffe (see in background posing for the camera).

Morella pointing to the giraffe. She is still very much into her pointing phase. In fact, when we get her from the crib the first thing she does is point to something in her room and expects us to answer her point. It’s kind of cute. The sweater was handmade from my friend Amy — but I noticed a drawback is that it tends to attract bees!

Inside the monkey house — looking at monkeys.

They are so cute. We left after this to go to Trader Joes to buy some dinner and do a little shopping. Ann had never gone shopping together as “let’s do something activity”! Ha ha…I guess I’ve hung out with Hilary too much. I mean, heck we used to do that all time. Even now, Tim and I go to Copps every now and then for something fun to do. Don’t all people go to the grocery store for fun?

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