It’s been awhile and I need to get back into the blog swing of things. The easiest way to do that of course is to do a tidbit session.

  • A big thank you to Laima for the apple cups she left on our stoop this morning. I discovered them around lunch time…and four of them ended up being lunch. I was glad I was able to restrain myself and save Tim two. :D
  • It’s amazing how much messier the kitchen is when you stick a kid to eating three times a day plus snacks. Though for her snacks I have been giving them to her in her exersaucer — she just pulls herself up and helps herself. I try to remember to give her pieces of whatever she is eating frequently because I think she gets bored by eating. On the upside, she does seem to be eating a lot more than she was before. There are some days (like today) where it isn’t as much as I would like, but just gotta keep going going.
  • Plans for the party this weekend are coming along. I still need to find pumpkins. Stupid me didn’t buy the mini pumpkins at Woodman’s when they had them two weeks ago. I thought “Wait…” Now I think I have waited too long and they are gone and I need to go to a pumpkin patch. I was thinking this Saturday would be a good day but Tim tells me it’s going to rain. I might have to figure out how to go to one myself this week…oh that will be an adventure. The rest of it though, I think I’ll start cooking for it on Friday. Yeah…both regular chili and vegan chili (which looks awesome from a bonafide awesome cook friend of mine).
  • Tomorrow I am going to a newcomers meet and greet at Cool Beans for the East Side Mom’s club. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • Monday baby book was great — it was packed with wonderful kids and it was such a hoot to watch Morella crawl around and be interactive … though her heading out of the room twice into the main library wasn’t that great. She really really wanted to get some CD’s. That was a good reminder to play more music in the day. She loves music.
  • Overall, I have been working on Fall cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter and making it ready for a long winter. Plus, I am starting to be sold on the idea that the less there is, the easier it is to clean up. Or at least, I am working on getting more organized — for the same reason. It’s keeping me busy.
  • Thanks to Hilary — I have started another rag rug. This time I will do better. I am working on using old t-shirts. It’s kind of fun to have another project …. ha ha like the cross-stitch, handmade cards for Morella’s 1st birthday party, making shoes, and Fall party planning arent’ enough. :P
  • I started reading again — right now I am working on a collection of science fiction stories I got from a garage sale two years ago. It’s nice to read. I need to keep making time for it — not just reading magazines. Those I do manage to read in the bathroom. :)
  • I am dropping a pump. I am now pumping three times a day. I am not so panicked about it as I was two months ago. I mean, Morella is one monthish away from a year…and that is when she can theoretically go on cow’s milk. I plan on a morning pump, a midday pump and the last pump around 9 – so that I can go to bed by 10. Oh man…what a sweet concept. More sleep. Less stress….about the evening pump…I am starting to feel like a chapter might be closing. I wonder how much my supply will drop. Will I be able to sustain Morella…her dropping a bottle really has helped.
  • Her reflux is getting better. Did I just say that? My god I did! Hurray!!!
  • We stopped giving her the randitine. She seems to have adjusted just fine. We are still keeping her on the prevacid because she still gets kind of urpy by the end of the day.
  • We got flu shots on Monday. She is going to need a second shot in a month. I am thinking about switching our health care plan to Dean. I just don’t know…they are closer. I might like the doctors better. They have the same infertility coverage, they don’t need referrals for everything…gah. I should just do it. Well, at least look into it more. I have until November 14th to decide.
  • In the meantime I need to get reimbursed the $200 for CSA vegetables. I should do that tomorrow. That’s free money just waiting for me to take it. Money that could pay for Tim’s birthday present (whatever that is next month…Hm. I have a short list).
  • I am so hungry right now. I should just make her bottle and go to bed though.
  • Holy cow! Tim just cleaned up the kitchen! What a wonderful husband! I needed that help this week — you know trying to clean the house for a party and all and having a little baby mess it up as she goes.
  • Hilary is coming by Thursday morning with breakfast. I am really looking forward to that, especially since Morella is dropping her morning nap. It keeps things interesting.

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