What a day. Ugh. I am glad it’s almost over. Just have to pump and then to bed with me. When I finally got home, I sat on my bed for an hour and just worked on my rag rug so that I could relax. Thankfully, it did the job. I felt much better afterward.

This morning the new comer shindig at Cool Beans was small but pleasant. Morella was the youngest person there, and she got the comment of “She’s so tiny!” She followed that up with “I guess my kids were always so big.” Yeah. I just agreed. She is small. But so full of personality! I got the endless cup and had two small mugs of regular coffee and one mug of decaf. I almost wanted more but the coffee was particularly strong and I was dangerously close to feeling that kind of sick jittery feeling. It was kind of surreal because of the four other women who showed up, three of them were expecting all within a month of each other. Sheesh!

After that Morella and I stopped at Trek to buy Tim some new biking gloves since his other ones are totally blown out. I also splurged and got him a headband — you know it’s slim and will stay on his head under the helmet and maybe allow for wearing a hat. Now is the best time to buy biking gloves because they are usually on clearance.

Then we came home where she barely ate any lunch, had a bottle and then took a three hour nap. That was great, except today I made plans with Cecci to go to a Schuster’s Playtime Farm to buy pumpkins for the party on Sunday. Since I was going to be driving outside of Madison I felt I needed a little extra company, and the help wouldn’t hurt at all. Plus, I thought it would be kind of fun to do that with someone other than Morella. She was game, so I picked her up finally at 3:30 (a 1/2 hour later, though I did keep her apprised with phone calls) and we headed out.

We got the farm, opened the car door …. and hello dolly! It was windy and COLD! I mean really, really windy. If Morella knew how to walk she would have been blown over. The sky was even more overcast, we were the only ones there for about 10 minutes before our curse kicked in and like 6 other cars full of people showed up. I was glad that I brought along Morella’s puffy vest to go over her hoodie but I was really disappointed I couldn’t find her gloves anywhere. Then again, I didn’t think it would be that cold. It was the difference of like 20 degrees from when I left Madison to when I got there. Plus they are on top of a hill….so….

I decided to take a bunch of pictures of Morella posing around in the typical pumpkin farm patch. Then we loaded her, and a few other pumpkins up in a wagon and went out into the field to find the right size of pumpkins that we needed. Oh my, did she have fun. She had the biggest grin on her face as she rode in the wagon, going over bumps, looking around — that is until her hands turned blue and her nose got all red. Poor dear was cold! Cecci had a pair of fingerless gloves that she sacrficed for Morella to wear, and then I carried her to keep her warm and out of the wind as much as possible.

Finally we got our 35 pumpkins and two squash, and pumpkin for the front stoop and headed out. I paid and then we went to load the pumpkins in the car. Cecci put Morella in her carseat unstrapped so I could do it. I put down my purse on the ground behind the car and went to attend to Morella because she has started crying. Cecci finished loading the pumpkins and then at that point I had tucked in Morella with a blanket, put some cheerios on it, a book and her juice sippy and we headed out.

I was extremely proud of myself for finding my way home all by myself. I called Tim to see if he was home yet so I could just drop Morella off so she could eat and get a change of diaper. He was still at work, so I asked Cecci if it was okay to stop at home for a little bit before going to her place. I figured that Morella could crawl around there and take a look at her bunny. I parked the car, reached for my purse …. and sickenly realized I had forgot to pick it up before we left.

“My camera!” I nearly cried “My camera was in my bag and I probably ran over it.”

Cecci assured me that probably wasn’t the case and to just call. I called and called an finally found another number to call and got through to someone. They said they did find my purse, and in fact has almost run over it themselves. My camera was intact, as was the rest of my things.


I changed Morella’s diaper and ended up changing her whole outfit because she had out maneuvered me and stood up to look out the window and peed all overself. I threw her in a pair of jammies since her feet were still cold, then gave her some gold fish while her bottle warmed up and then feed her that. I know we didn’t do the proper dinner, but it was past her eating time and I needed to get out of there so I could drive back and get my bag. She downed the entire bottle and was such a giggly, happy little girl that I was melting all over the place. Tim got home at that point, and the last I saw of Morella today was her with a big grin, just happy to be alive and crawling around the floor. Oh my sweet child.

Cecci and I got a bit lost trying to find our way back, buy my camera instinct kicked in and lead me in the right direction. The indeed had my bag, and all of it’s innards and I was so happy I hugged them!

Drove back. By now I was starving and I felt Cecci needed a proper thank you for getting wrestled into my crazy scenarios and so we ended up at Monty’s Blue Plate for a dinner on me. Cecci really knows how to make a person feel better — oh man some of the stories she has….precious.

There you have it. I almost lost my camera — oh yeah and the contents of my one of a kind purse that my Dad made especially for me. What a day. I needed that hour of mindless sewing to calm down and not feel like throwing up. It’s amazing what adrenaline does to the body.

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