11 Months!

For some reason I thought Morella’s 11 months was going to be tomorrow. Imagine my shock when I looked at the ticker to see she was 11 months today. No way! One month to go and my wee girl will be a wee one year old! That is just nutz.

I need to work on my 11 month update for Morella to write in her journal.

Hilary was over this morning with Cullen and Morella ate a bunch! Well it was nothing to the vacuum that is Cullen, but I was pretty impressed with it. Maybe all that extra food will help her nap be good and long and have her not wake up hungry. She went down minutes after they left. She was pretty tired yesterday, took a three hour nap in the afternoon and went to bed early without eating her last bottle.

It was nice to have Hilary over. Gives me a little extra oompf to make the house more homey and comfortable like hers is. Now to get crackin.

Happy 11 months Morella! It just flew on by.

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