I’m having another worry day. :( Morella has been kind of crabby all week, as you know. It could be teeth, it could the nursing strike, it could be the weather patterns, it could be the alignment of the stars, it could be …. well anything. Today it’s becoming apparent that she might be getting a cold. She is running clear snot, sneezing a lot, won’t take long naps – but at least she has had two. She just woke up from her afternoon nap after only sleeping for 30 minutes, and she woke crying and inconsolable. Tim took her to go and pick up vegetables while I pump.

It’s seems like it’s whenever I have to pump that she wakes up. It’s probably not a coincidence in as much as I pump or used to pump several times a day. It’s bound to coincide a few times.

I had given her some tylenol at 1:50 so I wonder if it’s pain or generally not feeling well? I don’t know. I just don’t effin’ know. Of course todays Worry du Jour is that she has pneumonia and it’s all because I am giving her thin liquids. Nevermind that I tried my ass off to get her to drink a thick bottle of milk, a thick bottle of juice, sippy cups of thick crap, cups of thick crap, crap with a straw and she just wouldn’t touch it. The only thing she does drink out of is a cup and that’s it.

Logically thinking it’s probably teeth. Tim said “I really hope she gets a bunch of them at the same time to explain all the headaches that she has been giving us.” I kind of hope so too. Tim got a bunch of teeth all at once when he was about her age, so it would make sense. She still only has those three teeth and her one year is fast approaching. She has to catch up sooner or later, right? It could also be a cold. She has been out and about with other kids a lot the last couple of weeks and so it’s entirely possible that she has caught a bug. I could keep her in a bubble but she and I both like social activities so that’s not possible. There we have it — teeth, or a cold. At times like this, I really wish she would drink breastmilk from a cup without a fight because then I could make myself feel better by thinking that she is getting precious antibodies and cold fighting immunity.

Not to mention it’s really sucky to have to keep pumping and not have her drink hardly any of it.

I’m glad that she has a follow up appointment on Wednesday to check her weight to see if she has lost any on her new food/drink regime then I can have the doctor listen to her lungs again to make sure she is still doing okay. She isn’t coughing which is one of the big signs of pnemonia so that is good. But then even if she does start coughing then it could still be just a cold, right?

I really want to blame my Mom right now for giving me this worry gene. It’s all her fault. :P

—-trying to stop thinking about it….—-

Yesterday was Morella’s first Halloween. It was a busy day. We got up, ate breakfast and then stopped at Woodmans to buy some fruit leather, a card and Halloween cookies for my friend’s daugther’s graduation ceremony. After that we headed home where she took a quick 45 minute nap (her only nap of the day) before eating lunch, and then playing outside and enjoying the fabulous 70 degree fall weather. Emily called then and asked if we wanted to walk to Walgreens with her to buy lights to entice kids to their house. It went a little longer than expected and I bought the worst diet root beer of my life. It’s still sitting on the green table. I should toss it.

Then I fed Morella an early dinner, pumped and then got her dressed up in her frog costume and we went over to Ann and Noah’s. Our plan was to walk to the Come Back Inn and meet up with Tim and her husband Peter for a beer. It was around 5 so the trick or treating had started and we got to see some fun costumes and houses that were way over the top. We picked up our friends Christian and Cecci along the way (Cecci is one of Morella’s favorite adults) and headed onward. I did trick or treat twice along the way and got a peanut butter M&M and a Reese’s Peanut butter cup. Once we got the Come Back Inn, Morella lasted about 15 minutes before turning on the whine machine. Tim had to go and get the car and by the time we left at 7:10 she was in full meltdown mode. She cried the whole way home and one block before our house fell asleep. We got her out of the car and into her jammies and less than 10 minutes later she was asleep for the night. After that we got only 5 trick or treaters (neighbor two doors down said they had a ton of trick or treaters..but they also live on the other side of the run down empty house with fun neighbors. I was disappointed Morella didn’t go trick or treating to our neighbors, but I guess — next year she’ll enjoy it more.

She is so out of sorts. I feel terrible for her, and sort of feel like we need to just buckle down and get her (and me) through this day.

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