Hey you know what? I am actually in a position to do the “NaBloPoMo” thing — which is of course the blogging version of National Write A Novel in a Month” challenge in which you write at 50K book…..or at least string 50K of words together. I tried that challenge twice and the furthest I have ever gotten was 33K words. I think somewhere along the way I thought about blogging every day for a month — but that usually happens in December. So. DO I give up my blog every day in December for blogging every day for November? Or do I go for the gold and try to do everyday for two months? You know, up the ante? I guess I’ll go for every day for November.

Yesterday Tim went canvassing and I was home along with the the cranky baby. I wanted to go out and do something — but not shopping, something with walking, something different… in the end I went to Cottage Grove and walked on the Glacial Drumlin Trail with Morella. The path is made of tiny gravel pieces so it was a pleasnantly bumpy ride for her and I hoped that she would fall asleep. Instead, she stayed awake, snacked on a cheese stick and biter biscuit, and looked around, flopped around, talked…everything but slept. She was so tried as her eyes were red rimmed and half opened. She just seemed kind of out it. Regardless, I enjoyed my Fall day with her. It was so quiet and isolated (exception being the few walkers and bikers that passed — all older women!). I reminded me of when I was a wee lass and often spend hours out in the woods or fields just sitting, laying on the grass and looking up at the sky.

She feel asleep finally 3 minutes before I got home. I carried her into the house, took off her shoes but left her light jacket on and put her to bed. She ended up sleeping for three and half hours! When she got up she was a total wreck — still. We gave her some Motrin, a bath and then she felt a ton better and was able to nibble a little more before going to bed.

I went to bed at 9.45 myself and it was awesome! It’s like reverse sleeping in. No it’s not and “old” thing to do. It’s a cool thing to do. Really. :P

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