I showed up to the doctors appointment, after calling this morning to double check the time only to find out that the appointment was tomorrow! Oops. :( The nurse could have mentioned that fact. Anyway, they manage to fit us in today. Today’s weight was 16 pounds and 11 ounces. So she lost one ounce in the span of the week.

The good news is that 1 ounce isn’t much and that babies can lose significantly more than in one week. She does have a reason for it — teething. Still, I was pretty disheartened to hear it. On the other hand, she is bright eyed and busy tailed and yesterday and today have been much better days.

A few things — no more watered down juice. She is too get full on juice for snack times. Her goal for drinking milk is 12 ounces a day (a goal she has not met since this whole strike began) but that it is okay for me to add a drop of chocolate syrup to the breastmilk if it gets her to drink more. I got a sheet that had some other suggestions like adding instant carnation breakfast mix to it that I might try. She can eat as much cheese as she wants, everything gets butter or cream cheese mixed into it, and well you know, try to get her to eat as much high calorie stuff as possible. Her lungs sounded beautiful and clear again so maybe I can try to let the fear that I am drowning my kid by giving her thin liquids can be laid to rest. At least for now. :P

I tell you, it’s so overwhelming to me at times this whole weight thing. Was Tim a skinny baby? Apparently I am supposed to ask, but how can I expect Tim’s Mom to remember that when she had like five more kids after him? I am sure that they would start to blend together. I could also ask Tim’s sister…since Zeland is Morella’s long lost twin.

She is sleeping now, and I bought a mocha on the way home to sooth my fears, help with the caffeine and energy level, especially since I was up late last night and tonight I am going to be babysitting two kids from 4.45 – 10ish. I need to clean up the office a little better so that they have a place to sleep when bedtime rolls around.

In other news, I wanted to highlight to the two care packages I got last week. One if from an exchange I took part in through word of mouth from Laima. The idea came from Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness.

This came to me from Tina at Wildflours. A nice little collection of Halloween themed goodies. Not pictures is a package of freeze dried pears that mysteriously disappeared after Morella sampled them last week.

I feel a little sad that I forgot to include more handmade items in my package. I know I can and have done better. Well, maybe next time.

Then this package came from a friend of mine over in LJ land – Childlight.

You can see Migo examining the goodies. It was great fun to get those books and I can’t wait until Morella is a little older and more patient to handle story books instead of picture books. Plus, she is very insistent on turning pages herself so thin pages are out for the moment.

The real hit of the package was the cat toy. Morella loves to play with it and play with Migo! For two peas and pod, it’s a stroke of genius! Incidentally, I was thinking of finding a cat toy like this for Morella to play with Migo so it’s great that it showed up on my door step! Thanks Talena — that was super thoughtful and brought many smiles in the face of a crappy, worry filled week.

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