So yesterday I was still pretty bummed about this whole eating thing. I eventually got myself out of it with the help of cake and rotisserie chicken therapy, and a playing Tim’s new birthday present.

Morella points to the crib when she wants to go to sleep (but only if we are in her room). I realized yesterday that she has actually done that a few times but I just couldn’t believe that a baby could tell me that she wanted to go bed. She took a good nap in the morning and ruined my plans to go over and visit Hilary and Cullen. It worked out because she has a runny nose with occasional rivers of green sludge coming out, plus she’s kind of grumpy. After she got up from her nap she was super cranky and wanted to be held. I held her, danced, moved around and eventually put her in the moby so that it would be easier. The weather outside progressively got more overcast and grey. There were reports that snow would fall at some point, but with sunshine casting rays of light down on the leaf strewn backyard only 1 hour earlier made it seem impossible. I dress up Morella, put on some cool finnish boots on her feet and decided we would walk to KFC to use one of the coupons I had.

We got half way there and I realized she wasn’t wearing any boots. I turned around and spied one across the street and went to pick it up. It’s a good thing it wasn’t that cold outside! I ended up retracing my steps all the way back to the house in search of the other bootie. Apparently she had kicked it off before we even left the house! The little boy across the street saw us and said “Why isn’t that little baby wearing shoes or socks?” Why indeed.

I get back in the house. I put some socks on her feet and shoes, not five minutes have passed and we get ready to head out the door again — except now it’s pouring cats and frozen dogs. It was sleeting, cold, windy and wet. Wow, it was a good thing that she kicked off her boots otherwise we would have been caught in this on the way back and we were woefully underprepared. Walking briskly back home also ensured a bit of a workout.

Since it was raining, I hemmed and hawed for a moment before decided to just drive to KFC and get something so that lunch would be faster and easier for Morella. I was just pulling out of the driveway when a strange car pulled in behind me and gave me the hairy eyeball. Or at least it felt like it, the rain obscured who was in the car. After a minute or two of careful study the driver side opened to reveal Morella’s Grandpa! Another way it worked out that Morella brought me back home before I had planned.

I left Morella with her Grandmother and Grandfather to feed her a lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich with extra butter and cheese, pears, and buttered carrots to go to the bank and then to Cub’s for a lunch of Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato wedges, coleslaw and 1/2 a cake — all for the same cost as KFC, and it was enough for us to have lunch (where Morella had 1/2 cup or more chicken) and dinner for all three of us again that night (plus cake for breakfast!).

After her grandparent left, and with my full tummy of delicious food I did a search on google for “baby stopped drinking milk” and up came a ton of links about the other women who have expereinced this same thing. I was really amazed to see that the common demoninator in many of these posts/questions/etc is that their baby was 11 months old when this happened.

What is it about 11 months? Tim said last night that it’s a transitional age.

She’s giving us a run for our money today. She went to bed last night at 7:00 but woke up crying 15 minutes later. We got her up, calmed her down, gave her some motrin and she went to sleep at 8:00 and was fine until 2:30 where she cried but was able to put herself back to sleep. Not the case for the 3:30 wake up though. She cried and cried and cried and we got her up and sat with her in the living room looking at her Goodnight Gorilla book over and over waiting for the tylenol to kick in. We put her back down at 4:00, she cried for about 7 minutes and went back to sleep until 6:20 this morning when the same thing happened.

She has been up since then, and the first hour was her crying. She got mad when you looked at her, talked to her — tried to do anything for her! We finally turned on the evil TV ( a thing she never gets to see) in an effort to try and calm her down and kill time until we can give her Motrin again. She watched some Curious George and then looked her Goodnight Gorilla book again …. she’s better. Not by much though, she’s not very hungry, her nose is a faucet and she on a hair trigger.

I tried oragel, and hylands teething tablets this morning — I can’t say either of them are very effective.

Anyway. Here we are. Coffee in hand. The weekend has started. I was going to sleep in this morning too! So much for that. :P

I kind of wish that today was a shower day. I could use a shower to reset….wait maybe it is! Yeah it is…cool!

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