At 7:36 PM this evening Morella was officially discharged from the hospital. Her white blood count had dramatically improved this morning to 17 (normal is around 11). When she first went it was 30 … or was it 40? In any case it was high. She had dramatic improvements with each consecutive day. The big concern today was whether or not she would drink anything. After they took out the IV and as the morning progress her appetite and drinking returned. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see her guzzle more liquids but it’s more back to what it was before this whole nightmare began. The ENT himself said “She’s always had problems with eating right? So you tell me what’s normal.” He also added that she “isn’t your average bear,” when it comes to typical eating patterns for babies/kids.

It seems so surreal to Tim and I. It almost feels like it was just one day spent at the hospital, though the days leading up to it felt as though it were an eternity. Even now, as she lays in her own bed sweetly sleeping, it doens’t seem like it happened. Yet, I can’t tell you enough how joyful it was to see her play, laugh, smile, dance and crawl around this evening just like her old self. That’s one lesson – if she ever stops playing or crawling for more than 24 hours I am booking an appointment with the pediatrician right away. Of course, if she has a corresponding fever for more than 24 hours then you can be sure I’ll be there quick as lightening.

Tidbit time:

  • It’s a good thing I didn’t give up pumping completely because it meant I got “free” meals. I was the “breast feeding mother of Morella.” That said, I ordered things for her and myself. I never intend on eating steamed broccoli but she seemed to love it, and who the heck orders slices of American cheese but a baby? With a side of applesauce. ;)
  • Pumping — my supply has crashed. I am now only getting 15-17 ounces a day. Was it the stress? Was it only doing two pumps for a day or two in a row? I would like to say I got more in, but you know how the last weeks have been around here. So I am not sure what to do. Keep going, I guess. It’s not like she is drinking that whole amount still, though the chocolate syrup they had the hospital made the milk better than ever. I think I need to go and buy some regular milk chocolate syrup rather than using the special dark stuff I have at home. I brought a little container of that home to bridge me over.
  • Morella made out like a bandit! I can’t believe the stuffed animals, art supplies, awesome knitted hat, baby leg warmers, balloons, books and toys that she got in the course of these few days. Her birthday is still coming up in a week too!
  • Tim finally was able to send birthday invitations out today. They had been ready to go since Monday except I never got a chance to go to the post office because of the drama.
  • Morella had to have ear drops and oral antibiotics twice a day for 7 days. The ear drops we need to keep her head tilted to the side for five minutes. I don’t know how that’s gonna work.
  • I am sick of eating hospital food. I think Morella was starting to really enjoy it though. We had a big feast at the end before we left thanks to the good folks at Roundy’s.
  • It’s amazing how much stuff gets donated to the Children’s Hospital. I suppose we were also housed with the cancer kids, and you get any sadder than that.
  • I gotta pay bills tomorrow. :P
  • I hope Morella catchs on sleep tomorrow, since she won’t be interuppted, prodded and baby handled every time she takes a nap. I ask you, how does anyone ever get better at the hospital with all those interupptions in sleep? One of the nurses told me that before the new hospital was built, that it was 5 times more noisy. Ugh. I can’t imagine.
  • I wish we had a toy room filled cool toys, books and round the clock eager volunteers who want to play with babies.
  • I’m pretty happy to be home, and will probable feel even happier tomorrow when my little scamperdoodle is back to leaving a trail of messes.
  • Lastly …..

A BIG THANK YOU! To all the folks who wished Morella well and kept us in their thoughts. I am 100% convinced that all that good energy helped Morella get better faster and on the road to recovery.

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