Ugh … tired.

Today was a great day. Morella was bright eyed and bushy tailed, full of giggles and laughter, hearty appetite and good thirst. It was the kind of day I was looking forward to when she was sick. In fact, she’s better than ever! It’s like we got a new and improved Morella back.

We went to New Berlin to the Great Backyard to attend Morella’s cousin’s birthday party. She had fun, but all the noise overwhelmed her a little. I wonder if that is our fault because we live so quietly. Maybe if she had the TV on all the time she would be more accostumed to it.

She had a big piece of cake — pratice for next weekend. Now I think well work on her opening presents this week while Tim is gone. I am thinking the crappier the present is wrapped — the better! I bought her a new birthday outfit from Gymboree — it’s so cute. It has little scottie dogs on it, because you know small dogs are the funniest thing ever.

Thank goodness for healthy little girls.

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