Quickly now. Morella went down for her nap at 3.46PM. It’s not an hour and half past that and the naps seems to be around 2 hours these days. I went and ordered her cake this afternoon because she didn’t want to sleep earlier. They didn’t have any kitties or puppies and I was too arsed to bring in photograph of one. Besides that would look stupid. So I decided on a claymation horsie toy. It’s kind of like a dog.

I got butter cream and went with white. Personally I don’t like marble and I wasn’t sure if chocolate was the way to go for a first cake. Meh. Next year I can make her a chocolate cake.

I got a doctor’s appointment this morning at 10:45. I had to wake Morella up from her morning nap for the second day in a row (suck!) to make it. They swabbed my throat and after charging me $10 bucks said “It’s like a cold, except in your throat. Take some ibuprofen and suck on some lozenges.” Honestly the doctor seemed WAY more interested in Morella’s mastoiditis case from last week. I could almost feel him itching to examine her because it’s such a rare thing to happen nowadays. Sheesh. In fact, he said “But today we will pay attention to Mom.” Ha ha.

So I got some lozenges and a crap load of M and M’s to fill the Nuts glass ball dispenser. If you come over you can have some. I decided it was going to be our holiday candy.

Chuck, Sigrid and Laima are coming over for a squash soup dinner tonight. Laima is bringing bread, Sigrid the dessert … so it should be fun. I decided to make something easy that uses vegetables and I don’t recall if Chuck is still a vegetarian or not…better safe than sorry.

On Sunday we had our Czech friend Mike visit. We picked him up from the airport at 12ish and dropped him off at 7ish. It was a good visit. He helped me set up my camera to take pictures of tiny Christmas trees I was going to sell…or at least try to. Sigh. We’ll see how it goes. My mantra is “Do NOT get stressed out. Nothing is that important.” He gave us a book with cartons that are almost indecipherable — here is a review someone else did: homo digitalis by Rencin

He also left me with a delectable box of chocolate and Morella with a Mole puppet wearing a hat. :D I gave him a bunch of baby stuff because he is expecting their first child in early January.

What else did I do today? Not a whole lot. Ate lunch with the baby — not a huge fan of tuna fish sandwiches though she was a sport and tried it out several times. Played with the baby. Will get babies dinner ready soon…ugh…spaghetti I think again..geez, I don’t know what else. I need to think of a long list of things that kids like to eat. The soup isn’t going to be ready yet other wise I would just give that to her. Last night she has black beans and loved them!

Speaking of dinner, I need to go and check on things.

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