Uff. Tired.

Morella went to bed at 7.30 no problem but woke up crying an hour later. She was off and on for about 30 minutes before I relented and got her. I gave her some pain medicine in case that was it (she was crabby/sensitive earlier) but as soon as I sat her down on my lap on the couch she was a very playful baby. But I kept it boring…and she played independently extremely well. I just put her down again after shutting down the house. I hope she sleeps. I thought I would just pop on real quick since I missed yesterday. I know I am out of the running for posting every day but I can sure make up for it by posting almost every day until the new year. Right? Right.

Pluto really misses Tim. He must be having fun because we have heard nary a word from him. It’s always “bad timing”. Being two hours in past is hard on schedules.

Oh I just realized the spell check got turned off on the computer somehow. Great if you see lots of misspellings blame it on Morella.

Today was okay. Got up at the ass crack of dawn to feed baby, play and then have her take a nap. I tried to take one but I got a bible thumper at the door who was VERY loud, and two phone calls. No one else stops by or calls any other time of the day except when I am trying to take a nap. GAH!

Then we had lunch over at Noah’s. His Mom and Dad made some killer, all from scratching using free range chicken broth even, chicken soup and warm cheese and bread. It was delicious and such a heavenly thing not have extra dishes to wash tonight. I washed dishes in record time! I had a bit of a second wind after she went down, and was going to get through pumping and then do some stuff…but that’s gone now. :( I didn’t even get a great pumping session in but am too tired to care and try and catch up. 20 minutes will have to do. My supply is so low right now. I hope she can transition to whole cow’s milk without a problem. *crosses fingers*

See you on the flip side.

What does it mean when old folks say “See you on/in the funny pages.” Do they mean obituaries? Comics? What?!? I’ve always wondered that.

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