I am leaving today at 12.30 to go camping. Tim and I drove today, so that when he picked me up we are going to the store to get some grub, and deposit my check, and then back home to pack and head out. Matt, 1/2 of the organizer team, sent me me the weather forecast for today:


Windy early. Mostly cloudy skies will become partly cloudy after midnight. Low

44F. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph.


Partly cloudy skies. High 57F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday night:

Partly cloudy. Low around 45F. Winds light and variable.

I had to stay late last night troubleshooting a defective port, that *was* working by all tests and measures. This lab is weird. Two days ago I had the lock changed. I was there as the man put the new lock in, and tried it with his keys. I have a master that should have opened it too. Then yesterday morning, I get a call from the person who was moving into that office space in the lab saying that her keys didn’t work. NO keys worked. I had the call the lockshop man to come back and fix it. He said that he cut the keys himself, and tested it at the lockshop and onsite, and the night he installed it. But yet…something inexplicable happened. Then, this mysterious data port…that is working, by all knowable measures…but yet does not connect the computer to the internet. I was here until 6, and we were all baffled. A little back ground info for you, this was the lab that I had cleaned out a year and half ago that was abandoned. When I walked in to survey it, it really looked as if everyone stopped what they were doing and just walked out. Creepy. I am telling you, that lab is haunted.

Got home later and didn’t feel like going out to play pool, which is kind of how everyone felt anyway, so I stayed in. Finished the Jerle series while listening to Juno Reactor, got on the computer, putzed and then went to bed for awhile.

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