Morella’s 1st Birthday

In short — HORRIBLE! One of the worst days of my entire life.

It started with her waking at 3:00AM crying. Tim got her up, gave her a few nibles, she drank a little water and went back to sleep at 3.30 (This was after not eating anything on Saturday). I couldn’t go back to sleep though. I tossed and turned. Finally, I decided to go into the office and lay on the futon bed there and read until it passed. Except “it” became a terrible stomach bug.

It started with the runs…and then three hours later graduated to vomiting. Then it pretty much alternated all morning until 12.45 (my last puke…thank goodness for puke bowls and the foresight to ask for them). Morella’s party was to start at 2:00. There was a lot to be done, and I couldn’t stand for more than 30 seconds, not to mention I was having the worst stomach cramps ever — that rival contractions!

I called some friends of mine and tearfully asked them to come over and help. Thank goodness for good friends like Cecci and Christian. Then my Dad and Barb (stepmom) came super early. Ugh. I wasnt’ ready for them, but it worked out because Barb helped clean up the toys and straightne up Morella’s diaster of a room.

Morella was whiny all day, and spent much of it crying. She only wanted to be held by me or Tim. I was feeling well enough to sit on the couch and drink gatorade. The party went on. Poor Tim was run ragged.

However, she made out like a bandit — especially in clothes — but I am sure we can all agree that we would much prefer a healthy, feeling good Morella over anything else.

After everyone left, she took a short nap and got up crying. I picked up her up and paced and finally ended up back in the futon looking at books, signing Christmas songs and what not. She calmed down, would lay her head down for a few minutes at a time and lift it recharged. She worked on a sippy of breastmilk (we were worried because she dind’t eat or drink much today either). Later on, Tim came and laid on her other side next to the wall. We were doing great until she started projectile vomiting.

She was so scared by it, and though I saw that she was going to vomit for a third time, I picked her up and hugged her as it spewed all down my back and into a bucket of toys. I changed her. Changed myself. She played with a new toy for awhile and then I put her down. Tim went out and bought pedialyte, gatorade and immodium — because guess who has it now?

And let me assure you the world is ending.

No really. I was so sick and overwhelmed and tired today that I just cried (must like last night) about how I felt I couldn’t do it. Wasn’t there anyone that could help? I needed help! At the same time, Morella didn’t want help from anyone other than me or Tim. But at least I got some help with the house for the party, and it’s done now.

I have also still been up since 3:00 last night, and I have not eaten a single thing. I need to put her cake away so I can have a piece tomorrow and some pizza.

God I hope no one else gets sick. It was too late to cancel when this was dumped on us. I will feel forever regretful if anyone else gets it. Thankfully, Morella only wanted to be held by me or Tim for the most part. I know I handed her off to Sarah. Sarah — drink some orange juice!

I think I just want this month to end without any thing else going wrong.

But thank you to everyone who came. It was quite clear from the packed room, just how many good friends Morella, Tim and I have. We are truly blessed. :)

PS– I want a do over. I might just pretend another day this week is her birthday so I can shower her with attention and not feel like curling up to die.

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