It’s a sick house here. After a long night Tim decided to stay home today to recover. We all feel weak as kittens. I had a piece of cake this morning, but no other food has seemed very attractive to me.

Morella got up and drank 6 ounces of milk, and then another 2-3 ounces of gatorade, and then went back to sleep. Thank goodness she seems to be holding liquids down. Tim is snorning in the bedroom right now, and I am sitting on the futon bed reading about werewolves, vampires and teenagers. I did call my Mom and had a very depressing conversation and tried to change the subject matter several times. Finally, at the point where she was telling me what everyone thought of her drug regime and her going back to the time she lost control with my younger brother, I said “Gee Mom, you are a bucket of sunshine!”

It took her a few seconds for that meaning to sink in, and then she turned it back on herself. “OH I am sorry for being so depressing…blah blah blah” I HATE it whenever someone turns stuff back on themselves. You can’t just say “Hey lets quit talk about insanity…and talk about crafts” without her going “Oh, look at me…There I am talking about crazy things because I am so stupid, and nuts and blah blah blah.”


Anyway. She said that they ate the Thanksgiving dinner from the food pantry yesterday and are planning on having pizza for the actual Thanksgiving dinner.

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