I know you are probably getting sick of it. Blah blah Morella. But really it’s pretty all consuming. And journal is really more for me than anything else.

Today was slightly better. She mostly wanted to be carried around. Whenever we put her down she stayed quite near me. The longest she spent by herself sitting was on the couch playing with tissue paper, or looking at books. For the most part, when she wasn’t sleeping, she was being carried around. She has circles under her eyes, and I think her skin feels softer to me — less supple. Whenever she did crawl she looked like she might be in pain. When I had the stomach bug I had pretty bad aches all over, especially in my legs so maybe that was it. Anyway. She wasn’t as listless. She laughed a few times and she ate more — more being a handful of cheerios, a whole saltine cracker, about 1/4 cup of noodles, about 10 yogurt melts and a few bites of applesauce. She did drink milk, breastmilk, and pedialyte — but only sips here and there. I really had to keep at her with that.

Tim stayed home today — but ended up working a lot from the work computer. It was nice to have a little help. I managed to do some laundry- wash all her toys and disinfect, and read. I should take a shower. Like really I should, but I don’t think that pizza is sitting to well with me. :(

I almost wonder if I shouldn’t cancel going to Tim’s parent’s for Thanksgiving since she isn’t herself and screwing up her schedule and surroundings would just make things more stressful for her. I guess we could try and make it for Thursday dinner and spend the afternoon there and then come home. Plus we haven’t found anyone to watch Pluto so yeah.

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