I almost feel guilty for the last two hours of free time I have had. I washed dishes, did a few loads of laundry (still not put away though) swept the living room floor and rugs, caught up on the internet, wrote an email or two…and talked to Tim. Now I am hoping to squeeze in a quick post about Morella’s 12 month Well Check.

Weight: 16.3 — she is way off the charts. :(
Length: 28.5 -*- about 30% (consistent)

The good news is that she isn’t dehydrated. I don’t know how she does it, but she has managed to not become dehydrated … no wait I should take credit for that. (yoink). I asked if she was failing to thrive and she said no. That was more for undiagnosed reasons as to why a child isn’t gaining weight. We KNOW why Morella isn’t gaining weight — teething, mastoiditis, stomach flu… she just needs to get over all of this and be healthy for a while and she’ll start gaining again.

In the meantime, she did not get her 12 month shots, or follow up flu shot because she is not well enough for them. I am to try and get her to drink a 12oz can of pediasure a day by hook or by crook.

She has a follow up appointment next Friday. Her appointment for her followup Barium Swallow study is next Wednesday. Ugh doctors doctors doctors. oh and her follow up with the ENT is the following Tuesday. Poor kid. She has seen so many doctors.

So. I need to go to the grocery store at some point today. I was going to buy some eggs and sugar too so that I can make a pumpkin pie for the house. You know, Morella loves it and it’s high fat and … well it would be good to have our own homemade pie around the house.

I decided that we are going to just go to Tim’s parents for the day. He is going to make the call sometime today.

I am almost done with New Moon — I should order the next book soon. I wonder if I’ll have to wait 2.5 months again…oh wait, I bet it’s longer because of the movie that came out (Twilight is book one in the series). It has been really nice to have something to read. It’s a great way to focus on something other than pain (stomach flu) and relieve anxiety (Morella).

Tim and I watched a movie (Justice League: New Frontier) via Netflix last night on the xbox! It was cool. We also got Wall-E — so hurray for a big movie to watch over the holiday weekend!

I also misplaced the paper with all Morella’s gifts and who gave what. Ugh. I gotta clean the bedroom and find it STAT!

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