Morella is currently sitting on the floor taking everything out of my purse and diaper bag (purse is tucked inside diaper bag) and tasting everything (kleenex, travel wipes …. but really it’s the kleenex that are a hit).

She woke up at 4.11 this morning. I got her some milk, she drank a bunch of it and instead of letting her stay up I put her back to her crib right away. She protested a little but feel asleep and then woke up again at 7.30. MUCH better! We were starting to think that she might make the 3:00AM milk hour a regular nightly thing.

Oh there she goes down the hall. If she goes into the bathroom, I do need to put my contacts in…oh there she goes..brb.

–Later- Hey I finally found the thank you list from Morella’s Norovirus party! Awesome. I can start writing thank yous before we start on Xmas cards. I am thinking I might just bite the bullet and buy some labels from office max or staples or something. My own personal supply has greatly been diminished over the past several years. It’s bound to happen when you don’t work in an office anymore. ;)

IT’s starting to snow here. I am thinking that we are going to go out we should do it early. I know we need some things from the grocery store since Morella isn’t hip with pears and peaches right now. Sheesh. One day she loves it the next couple of days — not so much. She’s really into blueberries and raspberries right now, and yogurt.

I’m kind of sad that it’s the last day of Thanksgiving vacation right now. It was really nice having Tim home for long stretch of time. I am just starting to feel recovered from the month of heck.

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