Awesome — the Christmas movies have begun. I’m a sucker for these you know.

What is NOT awesome was that we took Morella to Urgent Care tonight. The day was great. She ate well, drank well, played well and even her separation anxiety a wee bit less today. We took a walk and she enjoyed looking at Christmas light displays.

During dinner of Kiwi (her first time) and french bread pizza a new event occurred. She ate the first half of the kiwi fine. I went to cut her up some more and give her time to try the french bread pizza. It was just the soft bread, a cheese and pepperoni cut up into little pieces. Suddenly, she ripped the piece of bread out of her mouth. I figured she didn’t like the spices so we gave her a plain piece of french bread with some sauce spread over it and mozarella sprinkled on top. She tried the cheese and did the same thing — clawed the food out of her mouth and screamed. We tried applesauce — same thing. Milk – same thing. I took her out of the high chair and tried to look in her throat, I did a finger sweep …. but she was still breathing and crying… but it was so hysterical!

We we called Urgent Care. Everything went through my head from a piece of fruit lodged in her mouth, to a violent reaction to the kiwi, to … well mostly the violent reaction to kiwi. The nurse I spoke with was very irritating to me. She seemed to imply that I was an overreacting parent and if I just let her calm down for five minutes she would be fine. Except, you know, we tried that and it wasn’t fine. I was getting very angry and handed the phone over to Tim because I couldn’t talk to her anymore. A few minutes later Tim said we were taking Morella to Urgent Care.

We put her in the car and she fell asleep on the way there. She seemed to be drooling excessively and still cried when she drank something. We got there, I had to use the bathroom and Tim and Morella went to look at the fish. She was smiling and seemed happier. When I got out of the bathroom I heard crying. I looked around and found her naked sitting on the scale. Hey guess what! Good news is that she now weighs 16 pounds and 11 oz!! She gained almost all the weight back from the start of the month. Anyway. Long story short — the doctor was able to look down her throat and we both saw that she had a bleeding abrasion at the back of her throat. I have no idea how she got it. I would say bread, except she didn’t have any of it that we saw, and kiwi is super acidic so I can see how she freaked out.

So yeah. No more solids for tonight. Cold liquids. He said the throat heals fast and that she seemed to be doing better already. Which she was. As he said that she was sitting up pointing belligerently at a poster of a woman blowing her nose on the wall and shrieking happily.

Sigh. I swear she is going to take several years off our life this year. Moral of the story today — no more new foods on Sunday!

Thank goodness this is the last day of November. It’s been one hell of a month.

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