Big Photo Post: November

It’s a little all over the place, but I just downloaded all of my pictures from the past two weeks and picked my favorites. I had a lot of blurry ones because much of them were taken with me on the couch — which would also explain why there are some blurry ones here, but I still like them. In a way, I still feel like we are all recovering from the trials and tribulations of November.

Morella in a car — not thrilled at all. She was at her cousin’s birthday party.

She did however enjoy her cousin’s birthday cake! It was practice for the following week.

Here is her own birthday cake! I added the safari animals and candles later. I thought it kind of looked like a tripped out savannah.

One of Morella’s little party guests – Ruth wearing the hat for all of six seconds and her Mom.

Morella had exactly ONE bite of her birthday cake, which was more than I had of her cake on her birthday. Little did we realize that we were exposing everyone to the highly contagious norovirus.

Morella taking a moment from crying to look at some birthday cards.

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