I am smoked. One hand has actually turned a darker yellow because of the smoking process, and my watchband has seemed to absorb as much of the campfire smoke as one of those oils. I had SUCH a great time this weekend. It was so very relaxing to be with a bunch of old friends out in the middle of the woods. IT rained a little (of course, Tim and I were camping) we burned one dinner, went hiking and drank lots of High Life and Octoberfest. On Sunday morning we broke camp early and drove caravan like to this truck stop resturant in Fond du Lac called Stretch’s. We had great food for little money and more good converstation. Thanks to Sigrid and Matt for setting that up. (And I will get you that five bucks next time. )

Got home around twoish and Tim took a shower. Then I took a shower, which turned into a bath and I was able to get most of the smokey goodness out of my hair, and get rid of the yellowish glow to my right hand a bit. Just a tad…not altogether as I have already mentioned. Then I ate peanuts, watched the Hounds of Baskerville, and Angel (not too bad….) and then went to bed. I wanted to sleep on a soft, cushiony bed. And sleep I did, until Tim woke up me saying I was grinding my teeth again. I just don’t know how to stop it. I can’t. I don’t know who I am when I start doing that. It makes me feel like I could also be this huge sleep walker and not even know it.

Received Callie’s halloween party invitation in the mail today. So know I have to really think about my costume. I got a call from my brother asking me why I sent him a blank book. In the book, I wrote “Josh, filler up” your sister, Laura. And he calls to ask me *why* I sent him a blank book. Um. Am I the only one that thinks that question is stupid?

I wish I could send out more mail. Who wants mail? Email me your address and it will appear like magic.

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