Well…she did a total of four swallows. It was rather inconclusive because they need at least 10. However, on those four swallows she was fine. IN the end the doctor said that we should just do as we are doing and keep watching for trouble signs of aspiration like change in voice, gurgling throat, etc. I suppose in one way it helped that we had her to the doctor so many times this past month because they always listened to her lungs and declared them clear.

In any case. It’s done. That chapter is now closed (hopefully) in Morella’s life, and ours.

And in other news, weaning hurts! Despite my right breast only producing 1.5-2 ounces a day it is the one throwing the biggest conniption. It just tender today, but thankfully not rock hard or engorged. Yesterday there were some rock spots that I massaged away and put cabbage in the bra…and yeah. The last thing I need is mastitis.

Sigh. In other news, I feel like I have a million things to do with no help. I’m feeling a little selfish right now and am a little sick and tired of playing the role of supporter. Meh, maybe that is just today. Morella is extremely good at undoing almost everything I do. Plus, it’s hard with her separation anxiety and hurty breasts to carry her around all day. You know I don’t get much done either. I would put her in the moby except that she doesn’t ALWAYS want to be held. She wants it at her whim. Also, I think the moby would be most effective if she were being back carried instead of in the front.

Snowy days make me feel meh. At least she is healthy! I have a practically healthy baby right now! Like…normal! That’s great news. :D

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