17 pounds and 10 ounces!!!

Morella gained over a pound in the span of one week! Incredible. She’s totally filled out more too, it was really noticeable on Thursday when I met up with Ann and Noah. We went to the Mall because we couldn’t think of anything else to do. IT wasn’t that bad actually…we spent two hours there! It’s like a casino. Time passes and you aren’t aware of it. I bought Morella one of those pop up things — turn a lever and a hippo pops up for xmas. We each have a budget of $50 for her for a total of $100. Is that high? Probably, but we didn’t get her anything last year …. so it’s like our first Christmas for her. :D I think I am also going to get her a baby doll because she likes them so much.

It’s is so great to have a healthy baby girl! It really makes all the difference in the world how they day goes. She did have her shots though and the doctor assured me that it wouldn’t cause fevers. However I think she was still in some pain because she has such chicken legs, and it was four shots. I gave her tylenol and put her to bed early (she didn’t nap well during the day). Then I headed out to play the role of St. Nick! I went to Amy’s (who has two boys), Hilary’s and my friend Laima’s to drop off St. Nick Advent’s (a little surprise starting today until xmas on a string), and our Christmas cards with our first ever Christmas photo. It’s so cheesy, I love it. It was a good project all week because Morella spent hours taking things in and out of the box and throwing them around.

Oh and I worked on spritz cookies yesterday and she ate FOUR of them! I think she liked them because they weren’t *that* sweet. In any case, the rest are in the freezer. I think this weekend I am going to work on sugar cookies.

Tim has meet and greet with Pluto at Petsmart East this morning. Pluto’s first meet and greet in months since he’s now recovered enough to do such things. After that, I have a little craft party to attend which I have been looking forward to. I don’t know any of the women well, but food and a chance to just sit around working on a craft project….ahh I think it might be a little slice of heaven.

Then Monday I plan on attending the MOM’s night out, which is sort of a Christmas party for us SAHM’s at Paisan’s. Wow, I am putting myself in positions to meet lots of different people — I’m practically outgoing right now!

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