Playgroup was canceled this morning because of a last minute doctor’s appointment. Then I canceled Morella’s follow up ENT appointment for tomorrow because of the winter storm that happening, and then MOM’s night out was canceled because of the weather. So….yeah.

I made fish, baked potato and steamed veggies for dinner. Morella’s appetite was lacking today, though she still managed at least 6 poops. She also developed this …. itchy rash on the trunk of her body. We gave her a baking soda bath and then put some anti-itch cream on it afterward. That seemed to help as she ripped and tore through the house. I put her down at 7:40 and she didn’t go to sleep until 8:15! I wonder what keeps her up later some nights and other nights she is ready for bed at 7:00. I hope she isn’t getting too sick — maybe this is the delayed reaction for the chicken pox vaccine she got last Friday. Though I thought that was supposed to be 7-10 days later…not four days…

Tim is outside shoveling. It’s a little known secret that he LOVES shovelling. He puts on his earphones and MP3 player and goes out into the still night to shovel snow. Tomorrow he is going to be in heaven.

I started Christmas cards tonight. I watched another Hallmark Christmas movie – Ebbie. Another take on the Christmas Carol but hey…I’m a sucker for Xmas movies. Last night I watched the Christmas Card…ahh what a nice love story.

Pluto has also taken a liking to Morella’s big fluffy kitty. It’s been found in his crate twice now. What a stinker! Maybe we should buy him a new toy for Christmas — though I am sure that he would only want more walks or something. Tim took him to Mounds tonight to get more dog food and then to Walgreens to buy some waldryl and hydrocortisone. I complained about not having any benedryl last week when I was actively weaning. But you know, it’s been a couple days now without pain or anything. I think I am past the worst of it — who knows maybe all dried up now. Wow, what a weird thing to think. I’ll tell you, it was pretty easy to adjust to a life without pumping.

Morella did drink a lot of milk today.That’s good — at least she is getting a lot of vitamin D, protein and calories. She’s really starting to look a little more filled out! Oh my, how I love that little girl. I think she is finally start to imitate words. She’s been pretty good about catching on social noises like “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhhh” and “Whoa!” and “Wow!” and uses them appropriately but words have been sorely lacking. Today I think she tried to say “towel” “gentle” and “stop that!”

Of course whenever I try to get her to say Mommy or Mama she replies with a very stern “Da!”

Speaking of which — I showed her a picture of Tim today and she said “Da!” So…my dear friends, I think I can finally say “da” with meaning to Tim. Awesome!

Oh oh and she is also cruising! She is actively walking around the couch and coffee table, or standing next to the wall or door, or entertainment center and lightly holding on for support. We have even seen her start to let go and stand by herself for a few seconds. She had started to do that before she got sick in November. She also loves to have you take her for a walk, and I have noticed that she doesn’t need as much support as she used too. Even so, the average age for walking is 15 months…I think she’ll probably hit that pretty close.

To answer the tree question — she doesn’t really bother it. I have some ornaments that are unbreakable and baby friendly near the bottom that she can pull off, but really she doesn’t. I guess it’s just another piece of furniture to her. I wonder if she’ll think the same thing next year.

Oh Tim is done shoveling … it’s time for bed. I think I am going to work on xmas cookies again since we are housebound — well that and more xmas cards. :)

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