Follow up ENT appointment went well. Morella had a state of the art hearing test and passed with flying colors! Then the ENT took a look at her, showed me the cat scan of her mastoiditis and explain what had happened (along with the video) and pronounced her great. He said that just because she had this happen does not mean she is prone to ear infections, that this was a really rare case, and the likelihood of it happening again is equally rare. He also asked how the swallow study went and then at the end pronounced her to be a healthy little girl.

Finally. Morella is normal, happy healthy baby girl. What more could you ask for Christmas?

At the hospital they were giving away big stuffed winter bears (wearing a fleece hat, scarf and mittens), as well as a “prescription” for a healthy snack at the cafe downstairs. She could have a piece of fruit or a yogurt, but they were out of yogurt and the woman offered ice cream. I gave her some of that with fresh raspberries that I had brought along and she ate 1/2 the container! Awesome.

This morning I visited Hilary and Morella played with Cullen. Then we took a nap a lunch — her naps have only been 1.5 hours…is that it? This is two days in a row that I have been keeping track. Does this mean I won’t be getting those long 2-3 hour naps that some other babies get? :( How am I supposed to get anything done?

Tim’s game was canceled tonight so he is playing with her. I guess it isn’t bath night though because she never made it to the tub. I guess she really will have stinky toes tomorrow.

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