Friday Photos: Winter

Morella went out for her first sled ride ever! It snowed quite a bit the night before, so I knew that everywhere we went there would be snow on the sidewalks. I bundled her up in her Finnish snowsuit. The outer casing is still a little big, so we mostly just have her wear the inner suit. I laughed and laughed at this though because she looked like a little blue starfish.

She really enjoyed the ride! We were out for about 20 minutes.

Morella is currently going through a berry phase. She won’t eat anything but blueberries, raspberries (her fave) and strawberries. I try to sneak in something else every day but after one or two bites it’s left to rot on the tray. Especially bananas — which kind of sucks because it’s much cheaper than berries.

Is there something on my nose?

Morella getting into the file drawer (I moved the accordion in the way) and pulling at the USB hub, and pushing buttons on the computer (disc tray). My little gremlin.

Thanks for the idea Sarah’s Mom! It bought me a whole hour, because after that she moved onto the cupboards. I was able to finally catch up on the dishes, clean the sink and wash the counter. It was amazing…I wonder how often I can do this? It also served a double purpose because she has a diaper rash right now, and I gave her a couple hours of naked time, followed by a baking soda bath. So she was all ready to go and get warmed up.

Lastly, I met up with Ann and Noah today and after playing at Noah’s house (where Morella had a bit of stranger anxiety with Noah’s Dad) we headed to Lazy Jane’s and had lunch. They were little dreamboats until they were tired and then….gah. I snapped this photo of Ann and Noah on my cell phone — which took a ridiculous amount of time and I missed a bunch of way cuter shots. :P Poor Noah took a nose dive and had a bloody lip! I don’t know what I would do if that happened to Morella, probably the same thing Ann did, which was clean it up and then worry about it.

She fell asleep on the way home and I was able to transfer her to the crib and then take a good nap myself on the couch, in the sun with Little House on the Prairie playing softly on the TV. I started playing the TV during her naps to create some back ground noise in the house because it’s too quiet, and I don’t want her be dependent on absolute silence for sleep.

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