I am eating some roasted vegetables leftover from last night. Morella is taking a three hour nap! She hasn’t been sleeping longer than an hour or an hour and half the past week. Everytime she does that I think “Little Ruthie is probably taking a three hour nap…” Ha ha. Why do we do this to ourselves?

She also didn’t go to bed until 9 last night. She is urping a lot more. I have been trying to rack my brains to remember how much the pharmacist said Morella had to weight before she could get her prevacid adjusted. Was it 18 pounds or 20? I don’t remember! If was 18 I can totally see the difference.

Morella has a double chin again, her legs don’t look like baby legs anymore — they are taking on the look of toddler legs. Weird!

Tim just texted me that he expect five inches of snow by tomorrow night.

My play group this morning went well. I made some lousy coffee cake. I think my problem is that the baking mix I have been using is from my Dad’s commodities. I think it’s really old and that nothing is active anymore. I should just throw that one out or at least open the other one and give that one a chance. Yeah. I’ll do that before making my own. Having play group was great because I really needed to spend a little time cleaning up the house. It was the perfect motivation and I did it this morning from 8-10. I wasn’t fanatical about it and just focused on making the visible spots appear clean, like wiping down the counters, sweeping the floors and vacuuming and picking up coats, and clearing away the paper bits that collect on flat surfaces.

It’s really cold out today! We need more milk and I really do not want to bundle up MOrella to go to Woodman’s to get some. It’s like a five minute drive … tops. The car will never warm up and it will be just as icy cold on the way home. Besides she isn’t drinking much of any thing right now, or eating. Maybe she is on the downtrend of all that horse eating she did before.

Last night before the bitter cold front moved in, we all went outside in the pouring rain with umbrellas and Morella in her covered stroller to look at Christmas lights in the hood. I think last night she perfected her “Wow!” Today at play group, she showed off her ‘other word’ which is “DOP DAT!” complete with finger wagging at the cats, Pluto, Tim’s accordion playing and my vacuuming. I also think she tries to say “gentle” in reference to petting Pluto. “dental” is guess how it sounds. Or maybe she thinks Pluto’s name is ‘dental’. Hm. Deep thoughts, my friends, deep thoughts.

Tonight is Mom’s night out rescheduled. I have to bring a wrapped ornament. I made a pretty cool decorated pinecone….I should affix something to it to make it hang and wrap that…yeah!

I can’t believe she is sleeping this long. I almost forget what to do with myself. It’s been so long since I have such a long break. I should see if she is still alive…yep…whew. I must have been all that late night activity.

Saturday I went to a baby shower with some awesome cupcakes for Stephanie, followed by a birthday party for Noah. It was a long day and I was happy to get home and just put on some deliciously warm fleece and cuddle up on the couch with the warm laptop.

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