“Run away! Run away from the ginger bread house Hansel! I got your back!”

Yesterday Morella and I went to our first Mom’s play group. They meet on Tuesday’s I guess. I hadn’t had a chance to go to them because Morella was sick most of November and I didn’t want to jinx anything last week so I keep her home and healthy. Olbrich has a free day (Tuesday) so we got to see the gingerbread houses and trains display, followed by a little walk through the conservatory. We stopped for an iced sugar cookie and cider. Ahh it was a nice little outing, though not that condusive for a playgroup since it was a mad house there. Anyway. We got out of the house.

She has been having trouble going to seleep at night. She keeps waking up and crying, and this morning she slept in until 8:00!!! She has never slept in that late. Wow. Not mention *I* slept in until 8…incredible.

(an hour and half later)

Morella took steps this morning! Well, she took steps with her walker. Tim and I were both there to see it. She walked herself into her bedroom. Hurray! Maybe she is on the path to walking.

I did ten more cards last night….almost done. In the home run. I am to the harder ones that might require packages. Though I realize I am down to the gun as it is. Sheesh. I need to do some baking today. I think we are going to meet up with Noah/Ann sometime today to do something befoe the Great Snowstorm Happens.

But really, I wonder what’s up with Morella. Is she getting a cold or teething? She didn’t eat much this morning. Her nighttime waking and sleeping in. Man, you think we would get better at this the longer we have her around. But no…not so.

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