It occurred to me that I hadn’t written in awhile tonight while wondering where everyone else’s good posts were tonight. Morella is on the floor next to Tim climbing all over him, playing music and dancing. She’s hit her head several times today, once she was ran over by a 4 year old girl (that was a big boom!), the second time when she was using her walker, she slipped and fell back, and the third time she hit the coffee table. All in the span of like three hours. Poor kid. I wonder if she has a headache. I know I would.

I made dinner for lunch today and we had leftovers for dinner! Opposite day! I was in the bathroom looking at a magazine and saw a picture of a hearty chicken noodle casserole and that struck me as something good to make to offset Tim’s gigantic batch of soup that he made on Sunday. Or was it Saturday. Hm.

Hilary baby sat Morella while I had to run a few unbaby friendly errands. It was her first time being babysat by someone who wasn’t a relative *and* away from home. So she had four kids there! What a brave woman. Afterward, they opened their presents while I enjoyed a hot cup of tea and the warm glow of a real Christmas tree.

I am just so pleased that despite the hurdles and obstacles this month I have managed to do almost everything I have set out to do. The Samsa’s xmas stuff. The St. Nicks’ Advents (I made FOUR of them). Ornaments (half done…and I forgot to give Hilary her ornament nutz). Christmas shopping for everyone. The cookie plates this year is (and I wanted to do two more cookies batches — chocolate and linzer but hey we can’t do it all):

peppermint candy fudge
butterscotch milk chocolate fudge
saltine toffee
decorated sugar cookies
decorated gingerbread men
russian teacakes
peanut brittle

So I guess there is a little something for everyone.

Then to top it off while I was doing that I hosted play group (involved some major cleaning), play dates, Mom’s night out, wickedly cold weather and being housebound…

I need a new book.

I watched Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the other day and it was okay. I didn’t think it was way worse than the other stories at all. I also watched a documentary on a Man Named Pearl about a black man who has become a world famous topiary sculpturist all from plants that the local nursery throw out and because neighbors were afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep up his yard in South Carolina. It was a cute movie.

I have the whole third season of Dexter that has been collecting this whole season and I can’t wait to start watching it. That feels like a huge Christmas present right there!

I told Tim I wanted a down comforter for my birthday. I rarely ever want anything that … extravagant but I have been itching for one for…years. You just can’t beat the warmth and comfort. I wish I had it now to keep me toasty. Instead, I have been going to bed wearing fleece, and under four blankets — two of which are comforters, and one a heavy, heavy green blanket I got as a gift back in college from my dear friend Storm.

(20 min later — I put Morella to bed and changed into jammies)

Dang it’s cold. I’m glad that tomorrow it’s going to warm up. Though Tim said that the warmth comes with a price — more snow. And unfortunately a lot of it on our travel day for Christmas. We might have to push everything back a day! I guess I’ll call everyone and let them know that this might be the case. I guess it’s a good thing that rejected my offer this morning for a hotel. Starting tomorrow evening I have Tim for a whole 12 days!!!! Awesome.

I’m thinking of treating myself to going to bed early, despite my urge to watch Dexter. I don’t want to watch it being tired and wishing for sleep. I would rather watch it all energized and excited.

Oh Morella was a sweetie today. Tim got her a baby doll for Christmas and it’s still in the box and unwrapped, but she has been playing with it constantly. I never thought I would have girl who loved baby dolls.

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