The journeyman that keeps getting assigned to out department was here his morning. In the beginning, I liked him. Now I can’t stand him. I have to fight with myself to be civil and make eye contact at least once or twice…but I just don’t like him anymore. He is just…arrogant. But he gets the job done, I just don’t like talking to him anymore or seeing him or any of that stuff. I have to try to harder to be decent though. To smile and at least say good morning, when I don’t even say that to anyone else. (A simple hello suffices for me). Eh.

Last night was good. Seabound sounded okay, but nothing really jumped out at me. Stromkern was good and played all their club hits, attendance wasn’t that bad, and I finally was able to repay Matt that five bucks I owed him.

Today I am going to the dentist. I am a little scared.

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