Blogger was down for self hosted custom blogs. Meaning, if you are using blogspot you probably didn’t have a problem. I was seriously considering moving to wordpress but I don’t know how I would move 9 years worth of archives. I am afraid all my technical know how isn’t keeping up with the times. I know I could just jump in and figure it out — that’s how I did it before, but … eh.

I just hope google/blogger is really really sorry. :P

It’s 9:00 and Morella went to bed about 20 minutes ago. We took Tim over to Lowen’s house (who lives in our neighborhood) to drop him off. He and bunch of other people plan on walking to several bars on Cottage Grove Road and ending at the Jade Monkey for a disco dance party. Then when Tim can’t stand it anymore he can walk home! Everyone else is going to spend the night. I told Tim he could go and I get to go for the breakfast tomorrow morning. Or brunch. You know. All the bars are open all night tonight. Anyway. Morella went to her first New Year’s party! Awww.

I am thinking of just going to bed to be honest. I was going to watch a movie, but I feel like I might have the ghost of a cough — which is strange. I haven’t had a true cough in … man, like over a decade. Like a cough from a cold type of thing. I’m not really coughing it just feels like there might be one there. A little heavy in my chest.

Still working on New Year’s resolutions. The way I see it, I still have all of January to decide. I usually figure out what they are right before my birthday. I don’t remember if I did a resolution last year. If I did it was probably along the lines of “survive this year with Morella.” Which I am glad to say, I did. :)

I have been a total hermit this week. I think I was overstressed from all of December in that when we got home from Christmas visiting I just sort of put on comfortable clothes, covered up in layers and holed in. I just don’t feel like small talk, entertaining, making the effort to go out and do anything much less clean the house and work on projects. I decided that I would do…well, whatever I wanted to do and whatever had to be done only if it needed to be done. For example, cleaning off Morella’s tray and feeding her breakfast, lunch and dinner, and thinking of food to eat. That said, I eventually did start rediscovering the crafty projects I was working on — like my rag rug, finishing a cross-stitch ornament I started for Morella the day I was induced…okay that is two.

Things I know I would like to do are clean and organize the office and bedroom. You know, the kind of cleaning where you go through the boxes of stuff and put it away. Give it a home. Put all the markers in a little wooden drawer with a label on it. Put the stamps in the proper drawer. Organize the card collection — birthday, get well, sympathy..etc. It’s kind of a mess right now.

Oh I hear fireworks right now! Aww. I remember past New Year’s…ahh this one is okay. I am home with my sweet baby girl, I won’t have a hangover tomorrow morning, I will have had plenty of sleep and the new year will begin. 2008 was good to me. Sure it had it’s rough spots with Morella – the whole eating fiasco, silent aspiration, endoscopy, barium swallow studies, thickened bottles, exclusively pumping for an entire year, vacation in LA, mastoiditis, norovirus and spreading it to everyone at her 1st birthday party, the Fall party (and recital), starting a play group, joining a Mom’s club and getting out there to meet other new Mom’s, summer barbecue party, Christmas with my family, joining the ymca, Morella’s swimming lessons, new hair style, and getting a new couch and stove. Looking forward to seeing what 2009 brings! I think odd years are more lucky.

Happy New Year!

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