• Had breakfast over at Lowen’s with Morella for the post new year’s party. Everyone was hungover or tired except me (including Morella!). That was nice. Got a different array of cool breakfast items, and even brought some back for Tim, which also doubled as lunch for Morella.
  • I was talking with Tim in the office, and Morella crawled into the bedroom holding a piece of fleece that she has taken a liking too. A minute later I heard a cry, I rush in there to find no Morella! I heard her though — crying piteously and soon discovered she was under the bed. I call Tim in immediately and we both looked under each side of the bed. Tim found her stuck under the bed on his side. She had crawled under it chasing a cat with her piece of fleece. In Tim’s words (he emphasizes that his rescue was nothing dramatic) “She was curled up into a crouch — so all I did was lower head so she could flatten a bit and then just guided her out.”
  • I can’t believe she fit under the bed — much less crawled there!
  • Later on, I found a pair of sunglasses that run on the small side and brought them to Morella. I put them them on her face and made a big show of how great she looked. She took them off a few seconds later. I then took her into the office to show Daddy how fabuluous she looked and she hammed it up! She kept them on and grinned big. Ahh, is there anything sweeter than a baby who hams it up with sunglasses on?
  • Tim is watching Munich. I have no idea what is going on.
  • We watched an episode of Dexter — great stuff.

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