So, I was in the office cleaning up and organizing a bit while Morella played. I was clearing off the computer desk so that I could see the brown of the wood and found, to my horror, the mortage bill/check under the keyboard complete with a coffee stain on the envelope.

“Oh shit!” I immediately took Morella to the living room to wake Tim up from his morning nap. “I have to call and find out how long the grace period is or figure out a way to pay now.” I deposited her, and then went to do battle.

I called citimortage and after about 5 minutes of going through the voice recording maze I got a live human being from India. He asked my name, and I gave it. Then he said “How can I help you Mr. Eagle.”

“Uh, first I am not male,” I said. But was already talking about something else.
“Sir? I’m MRS Eagle!” I said a little more forcefully.
“Blah blah blah blah blah, now how can I help you?” the man asked.
“SIR! I AM FEMALE!!!!!! I AM A WOMAN! THAT IS MRS EAGLE…er RED EAGLE to you!” I holllered over the phone.

“Oh, I am sorry about that Mrs Eag…er Red Eagle,” he answered.
“That’s okay,” I said. “Now, I just found our mortage payment under the keyboard. What is the grace period for receiving these checks?”

“15 days,” he replied.
“Thank you, that’s all I needed to know,” I answered.
“Thank for you for calling citimortgage, have a good day and a happy new year!” he said cheerfully.

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