Today I:

–went to a last minute play group meeting at Cool Beans and only other person showed up. I was glad that I went for that reason alone.

–Stopped at Borders afterward to get a calender for the kitchen. I also indulged in a Sticker Day by Day book — I like those stickers! A crock pot book also found it’s way into my arms.

–I put Morella down to crawl around and some dude came up and said “Oh a rugrat.” Then he looked at me and said “Oh I suppose that one belongs to you.” Yes indeed, that rugrat IS mine.


–Feed Morella breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

–Changed at least 3 poopy diapers.

–Made miso soup, and chicken stir fry with udon noodles for dinner, per Tim’s request.

–Swept everything in the living room into a big pile in the middle of the floor. My original idea was to clean this way. My Mom once told me that sometimes the best way to do it is to put everything in a big pile and then put the pile away — that way you get less distracted. Well, when Tim came home from work he walked in and said “What is this pile of crap?” And I said “Shut up, I’m cleaning.”

It’s still there.

–I washed dishes….uh at least most of them. I also committed the dishwashing sin where I left the sink full of water and here looking at the internet. I am going to have get my hand wet and let the drain out or fish it out the plug with a fork so I don’t have to touch cold water. Or I can leave it over night….ha ha. It’s been done before.

–Checked the mail and got a wonderful card from Libby — a regular reader. :D Thanks for the card, as soon I finished reading it outloud to Morella and showing her pictures I conjured up images of me walking into my office and persuing my stationary collection carefully in order to select the most perfect combination of papers, sticker and ink — then Morella melted down.

–Morella has been a foul mood all afternoon. I think she is teething. Her other front tooth gum part is pretty red and she is just so …. short fused. She’s crying over everything and nothing. I gave her tylenol and I think it’s worn off because she is howling about having yet another poopy diaper changed and taking a bath — which thankfully Tim is giving to her.

–Made the bed.

And later on, I am going to:

–put Morella to bed.
–Watch an episode of dexter
–Look at the pile of crap in the living room, and maybe do something? Hm.
–Go to bed.

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