The result of yesterday’s dentist venture was seven cavities, and a need for the soft “less expensive” teeth guard (to prevent my teeth from wearing away when I grind them). Less expensive = 200 as opposed to 420. Eh. Today I am going to get two cavities filled and have a mold done. I am seriously considering the nitrice. I am going to be so freaked to do have this done. Four time times total!!!! ack. After learning the great news and finished out a borind day at work, Kate was super kind enough to give me a ride home, and I helped Tim clean up for the gamers tonight. Then I set a tape for Birds of Prey (gonna view it with Tim) and watched bad TV and Law and Order. After that I went to sleep. I was tired, and had some making up to do.

I think I am going to watch TV tonight and enjoy it. I still have to watch Buffy from Tuesday too, and get that blank tape to Mischa so he can put all those Firefly episodes from TIVO to tape.

On the postal front, I got a letter from my Mom! Then while I was making a nutritious dinner of pancakes, she called (got her long distance back). We talked for 10-15 minutes before the guests came over. That was nice. She said it has been raining tons in Menonomie and they can’t go potato picking because of it. Such a contrast to here, where we have such little rain. The only interesting thing from the letter to me, was that she said she had such fun with us visiting last year (for Thanksgiving). That’s funny, my memory seems to have a vast difference of opinion. We also talked a little about my brother’s confusion at getting a blank book in the mail. I sent him one, so he would have something to do in his copious amounts of time off before he goes back to school in January. Of course, receiving this book, with nothing other than a simple inscription of “Josh, Fill’er up. Your sister, Laura” was enough to make him think for days. I even got a message on the answering machine questioning me why I would send him a blank book.

And thanks for the congratulations Jessica B! Send me your picture so I can put you up where you belong! !

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