It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted this set of photos from when Blogger was out. It has been sitting in queue ever since, but instead of having it get buried I’ll just do it now.

Okay, these aren’t all that Christmas related. I have to go through those yet (except for the two from my phone) the others are from before xmas.

“What’s down there anyway?” Morella and Innsmouth investigate.

Okay, these next three photos are a “set” in that Morella has this incredibly dopey, goofy look on her face when she is doing something she isn’t sure she should be doing. She looks at me with this expression waiting for my reaction. In this case, she is playing with the phone.

Man, they crack me up every time.

Morella and her Daddy on Christmas morning.

Morella and her first baby doll. She ended up getting three of them and was in baby doll heaven. This is the one we got for her, we never wrapped it but she wasn’t able to play with it until Christmas eve. Well, she played with the doll while it was in the box….

Morella and her grandma (my Mom)
Morella and my brother James.


And in other news, it was one of those days where I had to “Morella!” a lot. She got into the cat litter three times, the toilet paper twice, four or five poopy diapers, peed on the floor during naked time (she was really mad about the last poopy diaper and I needed to sponge her down anyway) and then rolled around in it resulting in a bath. Dinner was too spicy for her so I got lots of screams, and … ugh. Overall, I cannot wait for that other front tooth to break through. We all need a break from it!

Tim has the car tomorrow. I got another day at home with the M-Bomb. I did manage washing diapers, washclothes and bibs today though, took a shower and got dressed, napped, made dinner, as well as finishing that pile in the middle of the living room. So yeah, that’s like a couple of things, right? Oh wait, I wrote in my journal a bit and last night I actually worked on Morella’s baby book! One day I’ll actually be caught up. I just don’t want her to grow up and have that baby book where only one page is filled out. That’s so sad. Even worse, I don’t want that to be the only baby book filled out whereas other possible siblings get one lousy page or no book at all! How sad.

*Yeah Mom, I’m talking about you. :P

(*My Mom doens’t read my journal — so no feelings will be hurt).

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