Fuckity fuck. I think Morella is sick again. I thought Mom’s were supposed to know this shit? I thought we were supposed to have some 6th sense about our kids not being right or whatever. Instead, it’s like all that instinct went to Tim.

Morella hasn’t been right today and yesterday for sure. And today is worse than it was yesterday. She is not drinking or eating a whole lot (especially today), she is clingy, crys at the drop of the hat and keeps pointing to the medicine cabinet and to her three favorite food – -blueberries, raspberries and creamy swiss cheese wedges. I texted Tim earlier and said she was being a handful again and that I gave her tyenol at 9.15. He then asked if she had a fever and if she was sick….I didn’t even think of it. I guess I thought she was teething again because yesterday her gums were red…sigh.

Then when she picking at her lunch she kept rubbing her right ear. Great. Just great. I called the clinic, a nurse called me back and we are going to bring her in at 3.15 for an ear check. Of course this is all a little more complicated because Tim took the car to work today. So now he has to drive back, pick us up, drop him off and then go to the appointment and then…sheesh I don’t know. He needed the car for a reason because after work he has a eye doctor appointment. I guess we could go back and pick him up at the appointed time.

So much for my idea of cornish hens in the slow cooker today. For one, the cord was immersed in water and needs at least 24 hours in my opinion to dry out before I try to use it. And secondly because there is no more time, and thirdly I could oven roast it but now since she eats at 5:00-5:30 there isn’t going to be time. I HATE dinner time. HATE HATE HATE it.

Today is totally fired.

And the funny thing, I was feeling a little lively today too. I managed to wash the kitchen floor, do two loads of laundry, wash the dishes, clean off the counter and unravel some botched crochet work.

Why can’t babies come with diagnostic tools? And more importantly when is my 6th sense going to kick in?

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