Well then. Perhaps my 6th sense isn’t that bad after all. Morella was fine. No ear infections to be seen. Throat looked fine. Abdomen was soft. No temperature. Overall she was fine and healthy. Little bugger. As Tim said though “I will not feel guilty for taking her in. The peace of mind is well worth it.” Yes, indeed. Afterward we celebrated by going to Burger King to kill time until it was time to pick up Tim and head to the mall. Tim got new glasses and a reintroduction to contacts tonight!

The one …”GAH!” moment though was when she was weighed. Ready folks? She weighed 17 pounds and 11 ounces. Yes, that’s right. She gained one lousy ounce in the course of a month.

Sigh. I wonder if she still on the charts.

oh and the doctor said “Her gums look sore.” So you see, it was teething. Sheesh.

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