Single parenting day. I did awesome today. I woke up with a terrible headache, and despite that I accomplished stuff. I took some tylenol and drank a Coke classic before getting MOrella and myself dressed and heading to the grocery store to buy some milk and cinnamon rolls. I have been trying to make them myself for the last couple of days …. but folks it isn’t happening.

I think the acute lack of “umph” is starting to creep back in or maybe it was the headache. You know, focusing on things like: taking down the christmas tree, the cards, the decorations etc are little things that you do one at a time and slowly. I helps to take the mind off the pain and keep the baby occupied as she “helps” with inspecting ornaments.

I even babysat the easiest baby ever — he took a nap 1/2 way though so I covered him up with a blanket, and laid down on the floor next to him and snoozed a little myself. Morella of course was knee deep in her afternoon nap so all was peaceful and quiet. Ahhh.

After he left I decided to keep the glider in it’s current spot next to the entertainment center, moved a bookself next to the couch and … well basically I made a play area where the glider and coffee table used to be. I also moved the rug from the middle of the couch to there. I mean, it makes sense. It was getting trashed faster than ever where it was because food from the coffee table (snacks for morella) was getting dropped and ground into the rug. And it’s not like we USED the carpet there. Now in it’s new spot, she can play on it, have traction, and when food falls from the coffee table it’s easy to clean up! Just a wipe wipe here and a wipe wipe there.

My point, is that the living room looks nice, it’s a change of pace and even Tim didn’t complain about it when he got home.

I also roasted some cornish hens, squash and made a baked potato for dinner. Oh man was that ever good. Morella gobbled up a bunch of the chicken, fed the dog and cat, and after three bites of squash threw overboard. What a stinker.

A lovable stinker though.

I kind of wish I had a good book right now to read. I have just been reading through a best of science fiction collection that I got two years ago. Short stories that don’t always make any sense. I wouldn’t mind being engrossed in a real story…with characters I can sink my teeth into. You know what I almost feel like? A romance. Yeah, that would be perfect.

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