So yeah. I pretty much just had a four day migraine. It started on Thursday and ended sometime last night. It really kind of sucked. Wait, no kind of about it. It totally sucked. That said, I want to you to realize that ANYTHING I did was an absolute miracle of willpower.

–Had take out on Sunday night at JJ’s — a chicken and fish shop. It was okay, Tim wasn’t a fan of his fried oysters. I liked my ocean perch just fine and thought the coleslaw was good. Morella even ate some fish and fries and got better at dipping.

–Made two dinners tonight — falafel and a backup burrito pie in case Morella didn’t like the falafels and because Tim is working late tomorrow night and I didn’t know if I would have the umpf to cook then. I was inspired. I also did two sink loads o…oh wait

–did two sink loads of dishes
–attend playgroup today (requires getting both of us dressed, ready and out the door).
–kept up with my journal
–made the bed every day
–wash, dried and put away a load of diapers
–took care of Morella
–got the mail

–made reservations at a fancy hotel for a wedding that we are planning on attending this weekend in Springfield, MO. It’s going to be Morella’s first long road trip…heck mine too! I’ve never been to MO, and I am kind of looking forward to the time spent at the hotel with the pool and what not…and not being home.

–Made plans for having folks over this Wednesday for board games and appetizers. Our friend Chuck is visiting from Baton Rouge, LA for the week.

–Picked up around the house
–Watched a movie — Little Miss Sunshine again. It was on TV. And the second time I still didn’t really think it was that great.

–Took a shower
–Finished watching Dexter
–Went to bed early
–Played Fallout III with Tim
–Updated my journal
–Survived the headache — dude that is huge!

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