I am still up, and done looking at other people’s entries. I might as well forge ahead and finish up. I hate doing two parters where the second part shows up first…but oh well.

The reception of the wedding was great. Chad and Laura provided an open bar that everyone seemed to enjoy. I enjoyed plenty of water and a boring soda…oh and a cranberry juice. Our dinner companions included two teenagers (age 16 and 18) who were cousins of the groom and whose father plied them with beer all night long. A young goth couple from Houston TX who had left their 6 month old son for the first time to attend the wedding, enjoy wine, dance and have fun. Last an old college friend of Tim’s who had just returned from a four month stint in Vietnam. The conversation was never boring and it was great that a wedding like this you could expect interesting conversation no matter what table you sat at! The food was buffet style, simple and tasty, and the cake was actually good! Moist. I like moist wedding cake. It’s so hard to get. I was disappointed when I couldn’t have a second piece. The serving lady seemed a little snippy to me when I went up for a piece. I didn’t want to push my luck.

Morella was the belle of the ball. She charmed absolutely everyone by crawling around, pulling up on chairs, smiling, chatting, waving, etc. She really went into overdrive when the music started and she made a beeline for the dance floor. There is no doubt about it, but that girl loves to dance. It’s amazing how often people are amazed at her sense of rhythm and ability to go along with the beat in just a few notes. I usually just answer these comments with one word “colic.” When pressed for details, I explain how for about three months Morella was treated to 3-4 hours of dancing a day, and how it was a record snow fall and we were house bound. Talking long walks was out, so dancing was in. It’s nice to know that all our hard work paid off in some regard.

Finally at 9:00PM, Morella signaled that she was done and wanted to go to bed. So back the hotel we went. I put her down, and changed back into jammies and cuddled up with the third installment of the Twilight series while Tim headed back down to the hospitality room to hang out with wedding guests returning from the party. I ended up going to sleep around 11:30 and he came back at the reasonable hour of 1:30.

Chad and his new bride were set to come to the hotel the following morning and be around for brunch so that they could have 10 more minutes with all of their guests who came from out of town. It was a considerable amount of folks who travelled from Britain, to Milwaukee, to Kansas, to Texas, to Scotland. Tim, Morella I again sat with Tristan who was there earlier, and we all enjoyed a long luxurious breakfast. After Morella was done eating, we put her on the floor and she slowly expanded her circle to include most of the eating area. Everyone watched out for her and one couple even begged us to not shoo her away when she pulled up on their knees and yammered on about something while they were eating their breakfast.

Then we packed up, checked out, stopped at the grocery store to get some supplies before leaving. Salad bar folks. That is the best way to bring food for a baby…a salad bar. I was able to get a bunch of kidney beans, Mandarin oranges, and other Morella friendly foods for the long ride back. She fell asleep as soon as we hit the road and didn’t wake up until St. Louis. Sadly, that is when the bad weather started and Morella’s good cheer ended so we were forced to stop at TA and endure some of the worst food ever. It was a bleak little place full of truckers watching a football game and choking this nasty stuff down. Morella had fun though. Sitting at the table eating beans and blackberry pie. I then made sure to walk her around a little before leaving. We made it another hour before Tim saw a Long John Silver’s. he had been hankering for their food for months. MONTHS!

Here was his chance to finally get some. I was in the back with Morella trying to keep her entertained and failing miserably so agreed that we should stop and have a little fish mana. Once we entered the dismal little fish shop, I was overcome by the smell of oil that I started gagging immediately. My eyes started to run and I had overcome barfing in from the greasy bored young adult while Tim ordered his food. I ordered a soda and a single piece of fish. We sat down by the toilets because the air fresheners from the bathroom dealt with the oil smell somewhat and dug into our “feast.” Did I say the TA’s Pilgrim’s Pride had the worst food ever? Forgive me, I was wrong. Long John Silver’s did. I picked apart my piece of fish and fed white fillet bits to Morella who didn’t seem to mind the oil. She was just happy to be out of her car seat and standing.

After changing two diapers and giving up on our food, we drove a short distance to a Shopko I had spotted. I told Tim that the only way Morella was going to not cry herself to sleep was to get some exercise and retail stores like this have carpeted areas in their clothing sections. Perfect for her to crawl around in. She did that, and then we ended up walking with her (each holding a hand) the entire store. Finally after 40 minutes she was winding down and we were able to leave. The weather was still crappy but at least we didn’t have to hear an unhappy baby.

We finally made it home at 12:30. Twelve hours after we started. I was so happy to go to bed. My own sweet bed with my covers and … ahhh.

So that was it. Our first big road trip. Hurray! Never again will I do such a long distance trip with only a day’s rest between. It’s too much, especially with a little baby.


This morning Lowen came over and watched Morella while Tim and I headed over to St. Mary’s for Crouton’s Nuchal Translucency Fold scan. We met with the genetics counselor first who explained how the screening process works, and who can write upside down amazingly well. Afterward we went in for a jelly on the belly exam. The detail was much clearer than GHC’s, and we were able to see Crouton spaz around for a good 10 minutes while they took measurements. I’m happy to report that everything looks normal. In addition, I am extremely relieved to see that Crouton is doing okay because …. get this folks …. I might actually be starting to feel better. There are now stretches in the day where I don’t feel absolutely miserable and I do believe I am starting to get my appetite back. By night time I am usually worn out and ready for bed, and that nap in the midday is still a necessary requirement … but hot dog it if doesn’t feel good to actually be hungry!

Matt dropped off Pluto in the afternoon and then we headed to the mall so that Tim could pick up his new glasses. While we were there I bought a calender of baby animals for her room, a butterfly calender for Tim’s work, a little outfit for a friend of mine who just gave birth to a 12 pound 10 oz baby boy (via c-section) because I don’t know if the outfit I already bought for him will even fit! I also got Morella a pack of 18 mo onsies, so that she can wear her cloth diapers without feeling tight. We had dinner in the food court and by the time we left I just wanted to go home and skip the trip to Woodman’s to get a few supplies. Thankfully, Tim dropped me off and took Morella there himself to pick up the items.

While we were on this trip Morella hadn’t had much milk at all to drink. Whatever she did drink was minimal and later on she would just spit out. So she ended up having lots of water and juice. Two things were noticed during this. 1. Her reflux improved and 2. Her poops were no longer runny and numerous.

This morning I got her to drink 2 ounces of milk before she refused more and by the time she went down for her nap we were rewarded with another huge poopy explosion. I have decided to call it quits with milk for now and make a switch to soymilk. We did try goats
milk last week but she spit that out as well. Maybe because it tastes too much like cow’s milk? In any case, soy milk doesn’t taste like milk…and I’m hoping she will go for it. I don’t think she has an allergy to milk, I just think that she can’t digest it very well and it aggravates her reflux. I asked around to my friends who have babies with similar problems and they said that soy is just as good as milk and in some cases is even better because it has more vitamins and minerals. I tried her out on it a little tonight and she drank it. Here’s hoping that this switch is painless and actually helpful! I really would like for her to drink more milk just because she is such a lightweight and I am concerned that she isn’t getting enough vitamins. I am also starting to wonder if we shouldn’t supplement with vitamins. I really want to avoid the liquid stuff though because I hear it tastes terrible. I would like for her to take some kind of oral vitamin like the chewables or whatever…but I don’t think she is old enough for that. Oh the dilemma.

So yeah. In a nutshell – Morella is now going to try soy milk, the trip was good and we all survived, Crouton is looking normal and healthy and alive and cute, and I should go to bed.

Oh and hey…good job for reading all that! I promise not to be so distant between entries thus neccessitating long entries like this.

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