This is just one of the things that desperately needs to be done around here. I didn’t even show you the table or the counter. Morella dumped a bunch of macaroni everywhere … soon it will be ground into the floor. Sometimes I wish Pluto was a normal dog and would eat it.

I also desperately need to take a shower. I could deep fry fish with this hair! I need to pay bills…in fact I think I might have to have Tim take the electric bill to work because I am so close to the deadline. The wedding, the holiday yesterday and well crouton has thrown me off. :( And then I need to do some serious thinking about an olive branch I received in the mail today. To say I was stunned is an understatement. To forgive is divine, I know. But sometimes you get so stuck into a rut that it’s hard to find the way out.

So am I going to do any of this right now? No. Morella just started her nap and I need to be energetic for her, so she trumps everything and therefore I am going to go take a nap as well. I just hope her nap is longer than mine.

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