I was getting water ready for washing some dishes this morning and saw that Morella was standing next to the elevated dog dishes. Meaning, Pluto’s water and food are at the perfect height for her to play with. I told her not to play with his food…of course she was playing with the water…but I needed to do start the dishes.

A few minutes later I walk over to assess the damage. Not to bad really. She just dumped a bunch of his dry dog food into the water bowl, and everything was still relatively dry. Regardless, I said “What is going on here?”

She looks at me with panic, and then to the dog dishes and then back at me before falling to the ground in tears. Then she started to really bawl and crawl in little uncertain circles. I had a really hard time biting back my laughther. She’s so darn cute when she knows she’s been naughty! I imagine one day it won’t be cute…but for now it is. I picked her up and took her into the kitchen to play with dish suds and take her mind of it.

Of course 20 minutes later she rifled through my purse and found a sucker, which made it to the bathroom before it was discarded amidst a bunch of unrolled toliet paper. After that she went into the hallway and got “stuck” lying on her back. I laid down next to her and cuddled for a few minutes before she got “unstuck” and went back to see what else was left in my purse.

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