Aww, my friend Hilary made a nice little post about me on her blog today. Check it out. And check out Hilary while you are at. She’s writes good.

Today has been pretty good. Morella was up five times in the course of last night, but Tim got her every time. She awoke with a face encrusted in snot and has been pretty crabby and sick all day. Poor kid. Despite that, I’ve had a pretty good day. We tried to trick her into sleeping in her room by making her floor into a giant slumber party bed and laid around for a good hour and half in there waiting…she never did fall asleep. I eventually put her down two hours after her orginal naptime and after howling for 10 minutes she crashed out for 2.5 hours. Nice.

Meanwhile I took a nap. I also went out for breakfast with my friend Amy at Avenue Bar and Grill. It was okay food and a small menu…it was really nice to at least still go out and get away a little bit. We thought if Morella wasn’t that bad that we would all go out, but that didn’t happen.

Tim got me my Learn to Juggle kit, a DOWN COMFORTER! and duvet, and a root beer float. Ahh. He also fried some onions this evening which was pretty good. I don’t have a headache today which is so awesome that I can’t even begin to describe that feeling. I had some time to just … relax and man… it was nice. I guess I needed that. I can’t wait to try out the new blanket tonight.

Watch, I’ll bet Morella’s gift to me is her cold. See, that’s what I get for getting out there and being social. Sigh. I guess. She can’t live in a bubble her whole life. That said, we did watch some TV today with her because she just kind of wanted to sit around. I had a special moment where I realized my daughter and I were snuggled up on the couch together watching a chick flick (You’ve Got Mail) under my new down comforter.

A little slice of heaven.

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