Aww nutz. It happened. I don’t know of it was the little bit of clam chowder I had, the sweet potato biscuit, three chocolate/butter scotch chip cookies, or the tuna casserole … but really I suspect it was the cherry limeade soda — but I finally barfed. There have been a few close calls but I was always victorious in the end. Except, this time my defenses must have been down since it’s been a couple days since I’ve gagged on anything.

Morella is slightly better today. She still has a mild fever. Tim thinks I should call to the doctor if she still has it tomorrow morning. I suppose that is a good idea because that would make her having the fever for 48 hours. She has taken two long naps today and woke up congested from the most recent one. That’s good I think, because whenever I get a cold and it turns to the really thick snotty stage that means the end is in sight. Of course she also stayed up until 10 last night…she just won’t go to sleep right away! She stays in there talking, crying, talking, banging her crib. At least she wasn’t up last night after we put her down though.

So I guess the great return to book baby is cancelled for tomorrow.

The down comforter was awesome last night! It was like sleeping under a super soft warm dream. Ahh. I am also onto the last Twilight series book and a part of me just wants to jump to the end to see if she becomes a vampire or not. But I will resist. I must!

My residual cyst is really hurty today. I wonder when it’s going to start shrinking. At the last ultrasound it was measuring on par with Crouton. The same thing happened with Morella and I think it started to get smaller/feel better after week 15. At least that was when I noticed it.

I can’t believe I threw up.

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