This week has kind of sucked so far. I’m a little overwhelmed and got a touch of Morella’s cold. I guess I just didn’t notice right away because I get bad rhinitis with pregnancy and winter. Anyway. So Morella has been exceptionally needy, clingy and whiney the last few days. Dr. Tim insisted I take her temperature more and in fact did it himself. I’ll admit I sort of lost interest in doing it after I failed the first time. We switched to rectal temping and there is just something about that ….I know I need to get over it.

Anyway. She wasn’t getting better and yesterday afternoon was me holding and carrying her for close to three hours. It really put a strain on me and caused me to have … not stomach cramps but … I don’t know. Like uterus ache. Like every thing below my belly button just … ached. When Tim got home from work and took her temp it was 102.1. Not super high but still a fever after three days.

This morning I took her into urgent care because the next best appointment would have been smack dab in her nap. At a time like now, naptime is NOT something I screw around with, so I opted for earlier. Turns out that she has a double ear infection and is now a 10 day round of antibiotics. I hope she starts feeling better soon. It’s really dampening … well any time I have during the day. There is only so much one can do while holding a baby who doesn’t want you to sit.

Her nap today kind of sucked. Only two hours. I needed three hours. My headache is lurking again. My nose is cracked, stuffy, dry and bleeding — yes all at once. Gah. I just want to stay in bed and read. Or watch TV or …. I don’t know SOMETHING. I wish Morella would entertain herself for 10 minutes.

Okay. I guess she did while I typed this…except se s is on my lap and has been helping to type this entry while playing a with a phone, a wet wash cloth and anything else she will reach. Oh here starts the whine.

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