I had to fix it. For one, it was a test — I can send pictures to my blog via my phone! Hurray…but I also need to remember to get the orientation right. Or at least figure out how. Hm.

Anyway. She is pouting in this picture because I took the phone away from her for a second. This is her “My phone! It was my lifeline…my only hope…my only joy…..my…” Yeah you get the picture. I let her play with it again with supervision (aka making sure she didn’t log online or something where I would actually have to pay a bundle for that mistake). Anything to buy me a few minutes of sitting down and not carrying her around the house. A little break if you will.

Tim bought me a cherry pie tonight and baked it. He also got some pretty awesome ice cream “Everything but the …” for splurging and lactose free ice cream (for the pie). He was vigilant about Morella’s temperature and cold not going away which led to the diagnosis of a double ear infection and hopefully the prevention of another case of mastoiditis and her feeling better soon. He has gotten up every morning to get her out of her crib, change her diaper, give her milk and feed her breakfast. When he has come home from work, he enthusiastically gets down on the ground and plays with Morella — lighting her face up like a million bulbs while I slump the couch with fatigue. Sadly, I think we have both reached a point now where we anxiously wait for Tim to return home. For her it’s because he’s excited to play games with her and is full of energy and is physical. For me, it’s because I need a break to rest and get dinner started or finished. Mostly I need a break.

Tim has been wonderful these past few weeks. He’s like a completely different darling from a couple months ago and I am reminded of how when I am really beaten down he always steps up to plate. Ha … he even started doing laundry. It’s that bad around here folks.

Anyway. Thank goodness for my Darling. I don’t know what I would do without him right now. There haven’t been that many times in my life where I felt this … wiped out and helpless but thankfully he was there.


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