I was inspired to finally take that first picture by Sarah. Thanks Sarah! I needed a kick in the butt otherwise Crouton is going to think I didn’t care. For the record, I am only going to do this monthly this time around. That said — here we are:

13 Weeks 5 Days

I would like to point out that I usually am wearing baggy stuff, and covered in fleece or hoodies, so it’s not like you could *really* see anything yet anyway. ;) I did take a bare belly shot or two, but no one needs to see those Morella is doing great today…well better than the rest of this week has gone. I was able to entertain her this morning by having her help me peel beets. She didn’t eat much lunch and had really heavy eyelids by the end of it. I put her down for her nap and she didn’t make a fuss. She was tired!

This afternoon we are going to the Sun Prairie library — an adventure for us — to hang with Noah and Ann. I think Morella has a little cabin fever so she will probably enjoy this trip. I am also not feeling as terrible today — so hopefully it won’t be a huge chore. It’s amazing what a difference having a day without a headache makes.

That said, I should hustle to bed and see if I need a nap. It’s my single parenting day, so I really have to take corners where I can.

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